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Asaba Massacre of 1967

Today we will be talking about the Asaba massacre, a genocidal act, which successive Nigerian governments have never officially acknowledged. To start off, we need to know and understand the circumstances and background events that led to the Asaba massacre. The town of Asaba was part of the Midwest Region of Nigeria in 1967. Asaba […]

President Buharia

President Buhari and the cult of personality

Anything that involves talking about Nigeria’s current leader, President Muhammadu Buhari is often a landmine, populated by diametrically opposed views. I suspect that reactions to this article will be similar. A personality cult is built when an powerful individual uses media (social media, mass media) and other means to create an image of a hero, […]

Edinburgh Castle Cannons

I find castles fascinating. The richness of history associated with these structures can be quite interesting. I have done a number of “tours” to castles within Scotland with trips to Dunnottar, Crathes,¬†Drum, and Fraser castles. My most recent trip was to Edinburgh castle. I took quite a number of pictures, (its a huge and very […]


Perwinnes Moss

No it’s not a name from the lord of the rings movie, though it does sound like one. Perwinnes Moss is a “site of special scientific interest” as shown by the signboard below. #Perwinnes Moss is located near/by Dubford in Bridge of Don, #Aberdeen, #Scotland What exactly is the scientific interest here? Well i don’t […]

Vintage Red

#Royalty. #Rage. #Fiery. #Sacrifice. #Passion What does the colour red mean to you? What does the car below remind you of? This picture was shot in #Disneyland #Paris. Subscribe to blog updates !