Castles of Scotland – Dunnottar Castle

Part one of my #castlesofscotland campaign!

It is surprising how one spends so many years in a country and actually not visit different parts of the country. It is truly amazing…

Take for example people like me, who left our country of birth and settled in a different country. We school, work, visit our country of birth every few years, but we really do not set out to visit the lenght and breath of our adopted country.

We are too busy working to succeed, can not afford to (time/money) or just not plain interested… I’m as guilty as any other person. lol.

My pet theory about why folks like me do not “tour” the length and breath of our adopted countries is that we grew up in a time when our countries of birth were doing extremely badly economically (80’s/90’s. Anyone remember IMF SAP and austerity?) and people were “checking out” in droves. Only a fully fed person has time for holidaying or sight seeing…

So, I’ve decided to learn more about my adopted country, and i want to take you guys on this Journey. Join me on the #Scottish #Castle series. This post is my first post, with a Visit to Dunnottar Castle

Now, to a little bit of history.

Dunnottor Castle, located in the town of #Stonehaven, belonged to the Earls of Marischal from the 14th Century. It is also said that Mary, Queen of the Scots spent time in this Castle.

This castle is in a well preserved state of ruins and is not for those that are afraid of heights….

Allright, here comes the pictures…

  1. Henrietta
    on September 25, 2014

    Lovely pictures. Keep up the good work and love the information segment too. Nice to know that we are having a changed perception of life. Must say once I too belonged to that category of people not willing to explore their present environment, but thank God for better halves. : ) , such thinking now belong in the past! !!

    • Whitehorse
      on September 25, 2014

      Thanks for your comment. Expect more posting!
      I’ll also be adding new features to the blog, so watch out. 🙂


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