Edinburgh Castle Cannons

I find castles fascinating. The richness of history associated with these structures can be quite interesting. I have done a number of “tours” to castles within Scotland with trips to Dunnottar, Crathes, Drum, and Fraser castles.

My most recent trip was to Edinburgh castle. I took quite a number of pictures, (its a huge and very historically rich castle) that i could not figure out how to tell a single story of Edinburgh Castle. So, i decided i will be bringing out various snippets from my trip in the coming days and weeks as time permits.

Today, i will talk about the Cannons of Edinburgh castle. The most popular cannon in Edinburgh castle, actually probably the most popular cannon in the whole of Scotland is the Mons Meg as seen below:

Edinburgh Castle Mons Meg Cannon

Mons Meg was a medieval siege gun built in 1449 in Mons (which is in present day Belgium). It has a 20″ bore, was capable of firing 180-koligram iron balls for a distance of about 3.5 kilometers. Very scary! Imagine a 180kg iron ball hurtling through the sky to hit a target… The picture below shows the bore of the cannon. I guess a child could play hide and seek easily inside that bore!

Edinburgh Castle Mons Meg Cannon Bore

Mons meg was a wedding gift to King James II of Scotland by Phillips the Good, the Duke of Burgundy. Phillip was the uncle of the Mary of Gueldres, the bride of King James II.

Obviously, Mons Meg is no longer in use, it was last used in 1680.

I also saw these other battery of cannons but i did not get the history behind it (yet).

Edinburgh Castle Cannon

Well, that’s my first snippet about Edinburgh Castle done, watch out for others snippets soon.

Hope you enjoyed it, and please share with your friends. Comments are welcome !

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