Aberdeen Beach

Welcome to #Aberdeen beach, the only beach (that i know of) that you go to with your jackets on! Seriously, for most of the year, if you go to Aberdeen beach you have to dress warm. Imagine the irony…

My first visit to Aberdeen beach was years ago and in winter, which was pretty foolish. Aberdeen, winter and beach just do not mix. Well after a few minutes, i could not feel my ears, so it was time to go…



If the temperature rises above 15 degrees centigrade, then you have all the “sun worshipers” come out to the beach in droves. Some dudes take of their tops showing us their awful “one pack” (not #sixpack )! Somethings are better not shown outdoors really, its truly traumatic, i lie thee not… I don’t have any pictures of a man with “one pack” to show, maybe I’ll be brave enough next summer to get a shot…
Anyway, in “summer” its marginally better as the picture below shows, at least someone was surfing a kite!


Hope the beach where ever you are does not require a jacket.

Talk to you all tomorrow


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