Perwinnes Moss

No it’s not a name from the lord of the rings movie, though it does sound like one. Perwinnes Moss is a “site of special scientific interest” as shown by the signboard below.

Perwinnes Moss#Perwinnes Moss is located near/by Dubford in Bridge of Don, #Aberdeen, #Scotland

What exactly is the scientific interest here? Well i don’t know really, the only thing i’d known for years was that folks take their dogs walking into the place.

So, out of curiosity, i decided to get into the woods and see what the place was all about. Despite the winter cold.

The first thing i noticed was the grave stones seen below for “Towser”. This is along the path if you come in from the Dubford road foot path.

Dog Grave

I assume Towser was a dog. A befitting headboard for man’s best friend!

Continuing along this footpath, there are offshoots that lead to some other parts of Bridge of Don


Signposts show you paths to #Dubford Rise and Dubford Grove


Continuing along the footpath right to the trees at the far end, the path takes a left curve, but i noticed there was a rough path that cut right through the trees, but was blocked by fallen trees. To be or not to be? Through the trees or circle round?

I summoned all my courage, remembered (imagined) my escapades swinging through the #African #jungle as a boy (that’s what some people still think/believe, hello Tarzan!) i went into the woods; no snakes, no bears, no lions, no monkeys! Even the foxes that roam here are no where to be seen? C’mon. Disappointed really… lol

Anyway, i came out at the other end, walked a little bit and saw this


I kept walking, avoiding “micro” lakes or puddles, some semi frozen. The view here is pretty good, front, left and side. To my right i saw


Straight ahead and standing on a mound of soil i got this really cool shot


Who can guess what the round white thing at the top right is? It’s a civilian radar unit i believe, for tracking aircraft’s.

I also noticed this lone farm house.


Turning to my right and walking forward, i saw all the new housing developments in Bridge of Don, pretty busy. I shot over those new builds and got this view of the sea.


I decided i had seen enough for the day, besides my fingers were frozen and numb so i decided to head back.

On my way back, i noticed a derelict house on my right, i have no idea what it was used for, but i decided to get a closer look. One shot for the roads…

Broken HouseReminds me of the type of scenes from the movie SAW…

Anyway, i retraced my steps, and found my way out of #Perwinnes #Moss, the site of special scientific interest.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day and happy boxing day!

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