Kitty Kitty

It was early Saturday  afternoon and the kids were playing out at the back garden. Considering the usual #Scottish weather, its a blessing to have any outside time playing without rain…

Anyway, all of a sudden, i heard shouting of “cat, cat”. Now my kids are not particularly fond of animals especially close up, lol. So i went to have a look and its a neighbors cat. Tell you the truth, i don’t know exactly which of the neighbors own this cat, but I’ve seen this cat around a lot over a couple of years.

You know why i remember this cat? Well, its because the cat has decided to turn my garden to its toilet ! Yes, garden toilet you might say. For reasons, i do not know,  its prefers to do its stuff in my garden. I’ve tried a cat repellent stuff from B&Q, but no joy.  Maybe i don’t know how to use the repellent or this cat is repellant proof!

What other means can one stop a cat from doing his thing in own’s garden? Obviously it must be a non lethal solution, i would not want to harm the cat by any means.

Maybe i should put up a  six to seven foot high billboard that says “Please stop your cat from pooing in my Garden”? That might do the trick… lol.

Anyway, here is the cat.

Cat in Shade


This cat stuff made me remember when we first moved to this house, years ago. We can back home one day and found a big black cat in the bedroom, just chilling. 🙂 Now, from where i came from originally, that is a very bad sign, in fact, its pure evil. lol. Cat and black do NOT go together at all in that culture… So, what did we do, gently shooooed it out and it majestically strolled out. Whew! It apparently came in through the hatch the previous owners had on the backdoor. We got that sealed and that solved the problem!

Finally, I’ll leave you with a close up the picture of the cat. Its a really cute cat, i just wish it would stop making that mess in my garden…

Fat Cat

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