Let’s go fishing

I never knew fishing could be a hobby till i moved to the UK. Seriously.
As a child growing up, the only fisher(s)(man) i saw were people that did it for a living in the traditional African way. Net, canoe, hard work, that was it.

Now, i’ve been driving past the river shown in the picture below for years, and often i’ve noticed an occasional man sitting by the river bank with his #fishing rod. Just could not get my head round fishing as hobby… Don’t blame me, can you imagine any of the #African “big man” saying his hobby was fishing, even deep see fishing? Like seriously…



Anyway, a few days ago i decided to see what was by the river bank. I saw the sign below. Never knew fishing ground could be private and regulated. Wow.

Private Fishing


Unfortunately i was unable to find any active fisher(man?) during my “adventure”. I was curious to know what joy is derived from fishing… Maybe better luck next time… For those wondering what A.D.A.A stands for, well that is easily explained by the picture below

Anglers signage


Talk to you all tomorrow.


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