Planet of the A…

Still about my recent trip to #Edinburgh #zoo, i saw lots of #apes. Now, I’m not any sort of expert and would be hard pressed to tell a #chimp from a #gorilla from a #baboon. True confession…

First things, those apes stink, i lie thee not. Do they ever get a shower or is it their diet or that’s just the way they roll? Hmmm… Anyway, if you have a queasy tummy, be careful if you ever go to the zoo..

The first picture below shows this #ape sitting all by itself. I’d give £100 to know its thoughts… Maybe its trying to figure out how to solve world hunger, or save the planet or worried about its mates in the #jungle whiles its living the good life in #Edinburgh #zoo…


The second picture shows another ape having some fruits while its keeper(?) looks on in the foreground. I think the fruits are pears. Who you volunteer to go forward and verify…? 🙂


The final picture is of two apes up high in their artificial jungle. The ape on the right looks like the boss, that’s an aggressive looking posture… This picture reminds me of the planet of the apes movie, real scary stuff. Maybe apes will eventually get to run this planet, at a minimum we need some in #Westminster and #Abuja to start with… Just saying…

Ape Standing

What do you all think about these apes?


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  1. Bayocrown
    on October 20, 2014

    … Apes indeed! Scary creature


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