The good life !

On a recent trip to #Edinburgh #zoo, i saw lots of animals, in fact more animals than I’d never seen even though a lot of people in this (Western) part of the world think folks from the continent of #Africa live and walk in the midst of animals…lol. Ignorance is bliss…

Anyway, i saw penguins living the good life, #swimming, #sunbathing and going for walks! All in Edinburgh! 🙂

Take the picture below, the #penguin is just chilling in the water



Next is a #sunbath as seen below


After the sunbath is a grand parade, with human escorts and human honour guard as seen below… What more can a (man) #penguin ask for?

Again, what a life! And I’m feeling jealous…


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  1. on October 18, 2014

    Seeing penguins walk on their feet as humans do is alway an interesting sight.

  2. Henrietta
    on October 20, 2014

    They look so small and cute. Makes me think of the movie ‘ Happy Feet’. Wonder if this one can sing….?


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