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Stonehaven Sea view

#Stonehaven is about 20 minutes drive from Aberdeen. I’m not very sure what the town of Stonehaven is known for, apart from #Dunnottor Castle which I’d blogged about previously. The picture below was taken on getting into Stonehaven by the coastal (road) trail. The clear sky and calmness of the sea was very tempting; i […]


Autumn Sunset

#Aberdeen is not the warmest city in the UK, far from it. I know our English friends across the borders think Scotland is more like Iceland than London, but its not that bad really… 🙂 Anyway, it’s getting darker earlier, but the sunset is lovely too as you can see below… Talking about early sunset, […]


Passport Wahala

Passport “wahala“? I’m sure someone is saying wahala does not sound like an English word, does it? You are right! #Wahala is a #Yoruba word; Yoruba is mostly spoken in Western #Nigeria and #Benin Republic i believe. Anyway, wahala means trouble. So, what is the wahala with passports? I have two picture/stories about wahala with […]


Lagos archives – Boat Hotel

This is my last installment in the #Lagos archives series. Today, i present a picture of Lagos Island #Lagosisland as seen when sailing away. Notice the white ship in the foreground? Well, that was the ship the Lagos state government bought under some strange circumstances to use as a floating hotel… It was a messy […]


Lagos archives – Victoria island

Victoria Island (VI, #Victoriaisland ) is one of the high brow parts of #Lagos state in #Nigeria. This island has most of the headquarters of #multinational companies and the banks. It’s busy, expensive (overpriced?), and full of traffic… The picture below is the view i got while we were sailing? away from VI There were […]