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Edinburgh Castle Cannons

I find castles fascinating. The richness of history associated with these structures can be quite interesting. I have done a number of “tours” to castles within Scotland with trips to Dunnottar, Crathes,¬†Drum, and Fraser castles. My most recent trip was to Edinburgh castle. I took quite a number of pictures, (its a huge and very […]


Castles of Scotland – Castle Fraser

Part four of the #Castlesofscotland series is #Castle Fraser. Again, i got lost today, no fault of the satnav this time around, i did one turn too early and lost about 10mins of drive time… Castle Fraser is located near #Kemnay which is in #Aberdeenshire. Initial construction started in 1575 by the 6th Lord of […]


Castles of Scotland – Dunnottar Castle

Part one of my #castlesofscotland campaign! It is surprising how one spends so many years in a country and actually not visit different parts of the country. It is truly amazing… Take for example people like me, who left our country of birth and settled in a different country. We school, work, visit our country […]