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Edinburgh Castle Cannons

I find castles fascinating. The richness of history associated with these structures can be quite interesting. I have done a number of “tours” to castles within Scotland with trips to Dunnottar, Crathes,¬†Drum, and Fraser castles. My most recent trip was to Edinburgh castle. I took quite a number of pictures, (its a huge and very […]


Black or white

Perception they say, is reality, which explains why some people will bet their life by #BBC, #CNN or #Fox News… Is a #Zebra a white animal with black stripes or a black animal with white strips? To help your thought process, have a look at the picture below, of a Zebra in #Edinburgh #zoo   […]


Land of the brave

No, the picture below is not from the #Braveheart movie, its from a collection of pictures i took on a visit to #Edinburgh castle a while back. The swords are real, the horn looks real, but i don’t think its a real rabbit/fox? skin hanging round his waist… Animal right things…   The lady in […]


Hot Stepper !

I saw a hot stepper at #Edinburgh #zoo ! Bright colours and looking very sharp as the picture below shows… Right! That bird is hot right?! Don’t ask me its name please, all i know is that its not a #seagull (rat on wings, Scotland’s equivalent of the #vulture). I liked this bird’s prancing about, […]


Planet of the A…

Still about my recent trip to #Edinburgh #zoo, i saw lots of #apes. Now, I’m not any sort of expert and would be hard pressed to tell a #chimp from a #gorilla from a #baboon. True confession… First things, those apes stink, i lie thee not. Do they ever get a shower or is it […]