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President Buharia

President Buhari and the cult of personality

Anything that involves talking about Nigeria’s current leader, President Muhammadu Buhari is often a landmine, populated by diametrically opposed views. I suspect that reactions to this article will be similar. A personality cult is built when an powerful individual uses media (social media, mass media) and other means to create an image of a hero, […]


Passport Wahala

Passport “wahala“? I’m sure someone is saying wahala does not sound like an English word, does it? You are right! #Wahala is a #Yoruba word; Yoruba is mostly spoken in Western #Nigeria and #Benin Republic i believe. Anyway, wahala means trouble. So, what is the wahala with passports? I have two picture/stories about wahala with […]


Lagos archives – Boat Hotel

This is my last installment in the #Lagos archives series. Today, i present a picture of Lagos Island #Lagosisland as seen when sailing away. Notice the white ship in the foreground? Well, that was the ship the Lagos state government bought under some strange circumstances to use as a floating hotel… It was a messy […]


Lagos archives – Victoria island

Victoria Island (VI, #Victoriaisland ) is one of the high brow parts of #Lagos state in #Nigeria. This island has most of the headquarters of #multinational companies and the banks. It’s busy, expensive (overpriced?), and full of traffic… The picture below is the view i got while we were sailing? away from VI There were […]


Lagos archives – Canoe

In the next few days, I’ll be sharing a couple of pictures i took on a trip to #Lagos, #Nigeria in year 2012. I think they are worth sharing… My first picture is as shown below We were on a boat ride to an Island called Ikare; about 30 minutes from #Victoria Island. Ikare Island […]