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Edinburgh Castle Cannons

I find castles fascinating. The richness of history associated with these structures can be quite interesting. I have done a number of “tours” to castles within Scotland with trips to Dunnottar, Crathes,¬†Drum, and Fraser castles. My most recent trip was to Edinburgh castle. I took quite a number of pictures, (its a huge and very […]


Perwinnes Moss

No it’s not a name from the lord of the rings movie, though it does sound like one. Perwinnes Moss is a “site of special scientific interest” as shown by the signboard below. #Perwinnes Moss is located near/by Dubford in Bridge of Don, #Aberdeen, #Scotland What exactly is the scientific interest here? Well i don’t […]


Stonehaven Sea view

#Stonehaven is about 20 minutes drive from Aberdeen. I’m not very sure what the town of Stonehaven is known for, apart from #Dunnottor Castle which I’d blogged about previously. The picture below was taken on getting into Stonehaven by the coastal (road) trail. The clear sky and calmness of the sea was very tempting; i […]


Land of the brave

No, the picture below is not from the #Braveheart movie, its from a collection of pictures i took on a visit to #Edinburgh castle a while back. The swords are real, the horn looks real, but i don’t think its a real rabbit/fox? skin hanging round his waist… Animal right things…   The lady in […]


Don’t mess with me !

#Scotland currently has a (human) population of about 5.2 million, and i seriously wonder what might be the population of cows… There are lots of farms here with massive looking cows, makes me wonder what they feed those animals, but that’s a different story… Anyway, on one of those my Castle viewing trips, i saw […]