Castles of Scotland – Crathes Castle


This is part two of #castlesofscotland campaign!

Visited another castle over the (past) weekend and succeeded in missing my way courtesy of the satnav. Never trust those things, always cross check your paper maps…

My destination was Crathes castle, which is a 16th century castle surrounded by a massive garden. The castle is about 15 miles west of Aberdeen.

The good things.. The estate/castle ground is fantastic, (in summer at least), if you are the romantic sort its a good place for a picnic with your better half or a pre wedding video shot or a place to propose to her. 🙂 If your are a horticulture fan, you’ll love the gardens!

The not so good… Parking is not free, its £2 for the stay; entrance into the castle/gardens will cost you £12.50 for an adult and £29.50 for a family. The biggest downer for me was that photographs are NOT allowed inside the castle. Not good. Wish they could have allowed photography without flash but that is the way it is…

With all that behind, let me the pictures come! Please leave your suggestions, thoughts etc…

By the way, any guess what castle will be on display next week? Register on the Membership tab to get notification when its posted! Enjoy!



  1. ifeoma
    on October 2, 2014

    Fantastic pictures! Looking forward to more updates


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