Disneyland Paris – 20th Anniversary Visit

What is the next best thing to #DisneyLand in the USA? Disneyland Paris! Having never been to Disneyland in the US, i was made to understand that Disneyland Paris is a (smaller) clone of the one in the US. Well, i’ll be able to run a comparison whenever i get to visit Disneyland US.

Booking wise, this was a package, 5 day deal, with flight and accommodation (with breakfast inclusive). Watch out for luggage restrictions on the Airfrance flight!

All in all, it was a fun family trip, though i think after 3 days of daily visit from our hotel to Disneyland, we did get tired of walking around. Get a buggy/stroller if you have young kids, it will save you trying to carry them.

Now, here are the pictures! Hope you enjoy them all…

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