Lagos archives – Boat Hotel

This is my last installment in the #Lagos archives series. Today, i present a picture of Lagos Island #Lagosisland as seen when sailing away.


Notice the white ship in the foreground? Well, that was the ship the Lagos state government bought under some strange circumstances to use as a floating hotel… It was a messy affair with all sorts of allegations of underhand dealings flying all over the place. That’s #Naija for you…

Did this ship ever get to be a hotel? Your guess is as good as mine… Maybe its all scrap metal just now 🙂 Tax payers money at work…

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  1. on October 27, 2014

    A countries environment is a reflection of how the government which is made up of it’s citizens think…..simple basic amenities like a sea ferry or as stated above a floating hotel still gets all messed up in fraud, absolutely ridiculous.


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